Bikes are machines and need service. Simple as that.

Tube Change $20

Flat tires happen, it’s no big deal. We include the correct sized tube and guarantee that we will solve the reason it went flat in the first place.

Basic Tune Up $70

All bicycle systems are inspected while the bike is cleaned and adjusted. Including: shifting, brakes, bearings, minor wheel truing, and a full nut and bolt sweep. A great check up for all styles of bikes, and the cornerstone of the Cycling Elements Lifetime Service Policy.

The Annual $100

A great yearly check up for all styles of bikes, and an absolute must if you want to keep your bike running in the best shape possible. The frame is thoroughly cleaned and polished as the chain, cassette and crank are removed and scrubbed clean in the sink. The brakes, shifting and bearings are all adjusted, the wheels get a minor true, and a full nut and bolt sweep. This what we do to our own bikes!

Full Suspension Overhaul $400

Your full suspension bike is taken completely apart, including both shocks and the suspension linkage. All the parts are deeply cleaned and serviced before being reinstalled with fresh grease and new cables. Quite simply, your bike rides like new again!

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Fitting With Jeff $90

Getting the most out of your bike has a lot to do with how its set up for YOU, that’s where fitting comes into play. This hour and a half session will cover the basics of bicycle comfort: saddle selection, saddle height, foot comfort and handlebar positioning. This can be some of the best time and money put towards your overall ride.

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