Note that the cost of parts is not included unless otherwise specified.

Tune Up Packages

Service Price Description Time
Full Suspension Overhaul 400 Full tear down of the bike including all rear linkage. Suspension service not included in price. 1 day
Hard Tail Overhaul 300 Full tear down of a hardtail or gravel bike. 1/2 a day
The Annual 135 Off-bike parts cleaning, all mechanical parts tightened, re-lubricated and adjusted. 1.5-2 hrs
Basic Tune Up 90 On-bike parts cleaning, all mechanical parts tightened, re-lubricated and adjusted. 1 hr


Service Price Description Time
Brake Adjustment 26.55 Install or adjust disc or rim brakes (priced per brake) 15-30 minutes
Brake Bleed 50 Clean, lube, and reset pistons, bleed with fresh fluid (2nd brake 1/2 price) 30-45 minutes
Brake Post Face 35 Use the facing tool to properly face disc brake tabs – included in a brake adjustment. 15-20 minutes


Service Price Description Time
Install Chain 26.55 Installation of repaired/new chain and a shifting adjustment to solve the cause of breakage – master link extra. 20-30 minutes
Shifting Adjustment 22.12 Includes hanger alignment and cable installation. 15-20 minutes
Dropper Post Adjustment 30 Includes cleaning of the post/saddle clamp, new cable installation, and adjustment. 15-45 minutes


Service Price Description Time
Tube and Labour 26.55 Remove old tube, investigate cause of flat, install new tube (standard tube included) 10 minutes
Tube/Tire Install or Change 15 Install new tube/tire from another wheel, etc. 10 minutes
Tire & Cassette Swap Labour 17.70 Install new cassette & tire or swap from another wheel (shifting adjustment not included, sealant top-up also required if tubeless) 10-15 minutes
Tubeless Conversion and Install 50 Includes sealant. Valves and tape not included (2nd wheel is 1/2 price) 20-60 minutes
Tubeless Sealant Top-Up 20 Includes sealant. 10 minutes
Wheel True 25 Adjust spoke tension as needed to align wheel. 15-30 minutes
Wheel Build 100 Wheel assembly, measurement, lace, tension, and tape (1 follow-up wheel true is included) 1-2 hours


Service Price Description Time
Suspension Set-Up 50 Adjust air pressure, sag, compression, and install tokens on full suspension bike. 30-40 minutes
Fork Service (200 hr) 100 Full rebuild of front suspension, seals replaced. 1-1.25 hours
Lowers Service (50 hr) 75 Basic fork service – lowers removed and cleaned, fresh oil, new seal installation if needed. 25-45 minutes
Shock Service (200 hr) 100 Full rebuild of Rock Shox rear shock – dampening oil replaced and serviced (not Fox) 1-1.25 hours
Air Can Service (50 hr) 45 Basic shock service – fresh oil and new seals installed on the air chamber only. Makes rear shock feel smoother, does not address compression or rebound issues. 30-45 minutes
Reverb Rebuild (200 hr) 150 Full disassembly, service, and re-assembly of Rock Shox Reverb dropper post including installation of new seals (sold separately) 2 hours
Reverb Service (50 hr) 100 Partial disassembly, fluid top-up, and re-assembly of a Rock Shox Reverb dropper post. 1-1.5 hours
Supplier Shock Repair Variable Suspension or dropper post sent away for service – priced according to supplier invoice. 1-3 weeks
ShockWiz Rental 20 Optimise your suspension setup with the help of the Rockshox ShockWiz. Rental price per week. 1 week


Service Price Description Time
Frame Bearing Install 50 Remove and install full suspension linkage bearings. 30-45 minutes
BB Face/Tap 50 Tap and/or face bottom bracket threads. 30 minutes
Headset Service 30 Disassemble headset, degrease, and inspect bearings, re-grease, assemble, and adjust. 20 minutes
BB Service 30 Disassemble bottom bracket, degrease, and inspect bearings, re-grease, assemble, and adjust. 20-45 minutes
Hub Overhaul 50 Replace all bearings in a premium hub and adjust. 45-60 minutes
Hub Service 30 Adjust a loose ball hub, or clean and service a premium freehub body. 20-30 minutes

General Shop

Service Price Description Time
General Labour 100/hour Hourly labour rate. Variable
Bike Detailing – Full Off-Bike Clean 50 Frame and wheels fully cleaned. All drivetrain components removed, degreased, reinstalled, and lubricated. 30-45 minutes
Big Clean – Full On-Bike Clean 30 Frame and wheels fully cleaned. All drivetrain components degreased and re-lubricated on-bike. 20-30 minutes
Tape Road Bars/Wrap Bartape 15 Install or re-wrap bartape on a drop handlebar. 10-20 minutes
Accessory Install 30 Install customer-supplied racks/fenders/baskets, etc. (free installation of accessories purchased from us) 20-30 minutes
RideWrap Protection Kit Install – Regular Covered 120 RideWrap Covered kit purchased separately. 1-1.5 hours
RideWrap Protection Kit Install – Full Tailored Kit 400 Includes the cost of the RideWrap kit – custom to each bike. 6 hours
Pedal Tap Labour 15 Repair damaged thread in crank arm. 10 minutes
Pedal Tap Labour with Unior Insert 45 Drill out crank arm and install Unior threaded insert – need 1-2 days for the Loctite to cure. 30 minutes
E-Bike Firmware Update 30 Shimano and Specialized e-bike systems only. 10-20 minutes
Di2/AXS Diagnostic and Firmware Update 30 Shimano Si2 or SRAM AXS computer diagnostic and firmware update. 10-20 minutes

Other Services

Service Price Description Time
Bike Fitting – 1.5 hour 150 In-stand bike fitting. Must be pre-scheduled with Jeff, normally outside of shop hours. 1-2 hours