Demo Program

Modern bikes are simply amazing, and the only to way to truly experience their capabilities is to ride them in the trails. That’s why we have a fleet of premium demo bikes to get you out and feel the difference.

The daily rate for a Demo is $75, and the value of the demo will act as a credit towards the value of the new bike you purchase. So the rental fee is really just a down payment for your new bike.

Demo bikes are always for sale and the bikes discount level is dependent on how many times the bike has been ridden. The Premium Demos are discounted at 1% per ride meaning a bike that has been ridden 7 times will be 7% off the our standard retail price.

To get more information about getting out on Demo or to see the discount level of the various bikes please contact the shop.

Available Demo Bikes

Sunday: Closed.   Monday: Closed.   Tuesday: 10am-6pm.  Wednesday: 10am-6pm.   Thursday: 10am-6pm.   Friday: 10am-6pm.   Saturday: 10am-4pm.