The main reason we are all here, but why so many choices? As a general rule look at the tires; a wider tire is better for off-road uses where traction and bump absorption are required, while a narrower tire is better on hard pack surfaces and pavement because it will roll faster. Also look for the riding position, an upright position is comfortable and relaxing, but the wind hitting your upright body will slow you down. The more leaned forward you are the faster you will go because you are lowering your chest out of the wind and allowing your legs to use more powerful muscles. Here are some general categories to start looking at.

Used Bikes

To see what used bikes (and bike racks) we have at the moment, follow this link.

Bike Brands

Cycling Elements has the luxury to sell almost any brand it chooses because there are so few bike shops in the area. What that means is we get to select the products we feel are best and not simply what is available. We make this decision based on many factors such as: how they ride, how well they last long term, warranty and after sales support. Not that we have ridden or touched everything out there, but rest assured the premium products we sell in the shop are here for a reason.

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