Who, What, Why?

This is it, this group of people is what makes Cycling Elements. We are all real people with our own preferences and tastes that contribute to the energy of the shop, brought together by our love of the bicycle.



Owner, Mechanic.


Retail Manager.


Office Manager.






Best Friend.

Origin Story

Officially opened in 2012, Cycling Elements was conceived many years before as Jeff finished school and dreamed to get back to the best summer job he ever had, working in the local bike shop back in Bracebridge. After a short stint working as a service tech for a national supplier, it was time to get back to retail and more importantly the intimate feel of a small town bike shop.

Moving to Orangeville in 2011 confirmed that the community was a perfect place for Cycling Elements, a prosperous tight-knit community surrounded by great riding. So in the unseasonably warm spring of 2012 Cycling Elements opened its doors. We had a small shop on Broadway with just enough room for Jeff and his one staff to get to work. After 2 years of admiring the old Armstrong Foundry building from the back windows of the original work shop, opportunity presented itself and the building went up for sale.

In the winter of 2014 Cycling Elements moved to its current home at 2 Wellington St. Jeff and Kayle moved in upstairs and the main floor was transitioned from print shop to bike shop. Thanks to the help of friends and family the dream was coming together.

As 2015 began the shop now had a growing staff of three, but it was not until the end of year when Zach joined the team and we were able to push for another stage. With another seasoned passionate rider onboard the store was able to increase both its mechanical offerings and give more to the riding community in general.

Now as we enter our 9th season, the store is still driven by the same underlying passion for riding but now shared among nine employees, a grassroots race team and an indoor spinning crew. Most importantly we are all still hungry for more…

The Building’s History


Sunday – Monday: Closed.    Tuesday – Friday: 10am-6pm.   Saturday: 10am-2pm.