Fitting Services

Very important but often over looked, a good bike fit and sizing goes along way to letting you enjoy your ride.  You saddle, hands, back and neck should all be neutral while riding allowing you to enjoy the scenery and the workout.

Body Geometry Fitting – 2-3 hrs – $200

($75 credit with bike purchase)

Full off-bike assessment and on-bike dynamic fitting, we go looking for problems. Investigate feet, saddle, bars, and rider position.

Lower Body Fitting –1 ½ hrs – $75

($25 credit with Bike or Saddle purchase, Included with premium bicycle purchase)

On trainer dynamic fitting including a sit bone measurement leading to saddle selection.  Adjustment of saddle height, angle, for/aft adjustment and stem flip.

Saddle Assessment – 25mins – $20

(free with saddle purchase)

Sit bone measurement leading to saddle selection followed by saddle height and angle adjustment.

Foot Assessment – 25mins – $20

(free with shoe and pedal purchase)

Arch height and food angle assessment to determine correct insoles and cleat position.

Basic Sizing – 25mins – $20

(free with bike purchase)

Use bike sizing chart and heel back test to determine saddle height and bicycle size.  The saddle position and stem angle will be assessed.

Suspension Set-up – 25mins – $20

(free with bike purchase or suspension service)

Sag measurement and riding style interview to determine air pressure and dampening settings.

Repair Services

Our full-service bicycle repair shop is here to help.  We can perform a quick tire change or overhaul your bicycle’s suspension.

Overhaul – $200

The complete bicycle is taken apart, literally fully dissembled, cleaned and reassembled with fresh grease, hydraulic fluid, and cables.  A must for any serious rider with a few seasons of wear and tear on their bike.  We go looking for problems and in the end your bike feels like new.

Suspension Service – $70

A full rebuild of your front suspension including an oil change with fresh seals and a full cleaning and inspection of damping and air spring components.  The headset is also clean and inspected as the fork is removed.

Tubeless conversion – $25

Tubeless is awesome for most riders, and most premium bikes are already equipped to go tubeless.  But there is a problem it’s messy and sometimes the tires just don’t seat. We can help.

Creak Finding – Cost Varies

We all know a bike should be quiet, but sometime they are not.  First try oiling the chain and checking for loose bolts, but for the stubborn ones, let us have a look.  We will first try to isolate the sound and then target the area with the correct service; let it be a frame bearing, stanchion tube, or bottom bracket we can help solve the annoying noise before it drives you nuts.

General Tune Up – $50

All bicycle systems are inspected and adjusted accordingly: Shifting, Brakes, Bearings, Minor Wheel Truing, finished off with a full nut and bolt sweep.   A great yearly check up for all styles of bikes, and the cornerstone of the Cycling Elements Lifetime Service Policy.

Big Clean – $30

The drivetrain (chain, cassette, crank) is removed from the bike and sent to the parts washer for a good honest scrub. The frame also gets a polish, and topped off with some fresh chain lube.  A great pair with the General Tune, or any time you just don’t want to clean it yourself.

Clean and Lube – $20

Degrease the chain, cassette and chain rings; clean and polish the frame, with a fresh coating of lube for the chain.  Same idea as the Big Clean, but the parts all stay on the bike.

Tube Change – $15

Done while you wait. You will be back on the bike in 5mins, we include the correct sized tube and guarantee that we will solve the reason it went flat in the first place.

Bottom Bracket Service – $20

Nothing too glamourous, but sometimes the bottom bracket in your bike needs to come out and get re greased, this is the most common source of a ‘creak’ while pedaling and gives a good sense of the overall wear and tear on the bicycle.

Please Note:

On all services any related parts are extra and their cost varies depending on your bicycle model, once we inspect your specific bicycle we will provide you with a quote including parts and labour.