Racks are great, they turn a small car into a big car, and most importantly leave room for your friends (human and dog) to ride along with you.   People with boats already know that once you bought your new canoe, question two is how to transport it?  But far too many cyclists seem to think its perfectly acceptable to shove your brand new carbon beauty into the trunk of a Civic.  Other than it being a pain in the neck to disassemble your bike every time your ride it can actually cause damage to the bike, put the gears out of alignment, and get grease on your car seats.  But most importantly it can be a barrier to ride, when your rack is already on the car your next ride is one step closer to happening.

Other than coming to talk to us in the shop the best thing to do is to rack out your car on the Thule Buyers Guide and Yakima Fit tools.  But in the meantime, here are our thoughts on some setups.

Hitch Mounted

A great spot for a rack, your vehicle’s hitch is designed to take a load, so it will not damage your vehicle.  Most hitch racks fold out of the way to make way for your trunk, and loading the bikes is simple.  Racks range from $350 – $700 and can carry up to 5 bikes depending on the model.

Trunk Mounted

The cheapest way to get a bike on the outside of your car, these small portable racks are perfect for the occasional out of town ride, or for the budget minded cyclist.  Starting at $190, these racks can safely transport up to 3 bikes.  But please check with us first to make sure the rack can safely attach to your car.

Roof Systems

Lets face it, sometimes it’s best to put big things on the roof, let it be because you have a small car or you are carrying something long, the roof provides endless opportunity to turn your small car into a big car.  And yes, it does looks cool.  One big thing to keep in mind is the noise of the roof systems, looking at one of the premium Thule Aerobar systems or a Whispbar system by Yakima is the best was to keep the noise down as you set out on your adventure, a few extra dollars now is totally worth it in the long run.


Need bike rack, cargo box or Bike Box for a one off journey no problem, we have something for you borrow.  And if you love it after you borrow it, your rental fee counts towards the purchase price.

Cargo Box – Yakima Skybox 16 – $ 125/week,  $50 weekend

Bike Rack – Yakima Hitch, Trunk, Roof– $100/ week,  $40 weekend

Bike Box – EVOC – $50/ week