Places to Ride around Orangeville

Orangeville is surrounded by great local riding.  Let it be countless quiet country roads, flowy mountain bike trails, or some hidden routes around town Orangeville is a great place to cycle and be a cyclist.  Enjoy these great bike riding suggestions for around Orangeville and the surrounding area.

Bike Riding in Orangeville

Around Orangeville

Town of Orangeville Trails and Parks –  A mix of paved and unpaved routes; great for an in-town workout or ride with the family or special someone. MAP

Monora Park – A great place to get a taste for Mountain Biking and challenge yourself on the many short steep hills.   Trails are primarily double track well suited for side by side riding. MAP

Island Lake – A great mix of winding gravel trails and boardwalk with a few steep sections, surrounding island lake.  One of the best reasons for living in Orangeville, definitely check it out.  Link

Mountain Biking

A little out of Town, but Still Local

Mono Cliffs

A series of longer climbs and flowy descents surrounding a central valley.  Riders are rewarded for their climbing efforts with one of the best views around.  There are only a few individual trails, but each one is plenty long and when combined all together a respectable mountain bike ride is easy to string together.  This is a provincial park, so please watch out and be respectful of hikers. Map and Directions

Albion Hills

Easily one of the most ridden mountain bike trail networks in the province, hosting many great cycling events and definitely worth a visit.  Trails are well marked and are mainly well flowing single track twisting around a vast network of beginner friendly double track.  Oh ya, there are some good climbs too… Map and Directions


I’ll call it Albion’s little brother, even though they are very close they are different in many ways.  Palgrave mainly features shorter climbs and tighter trials, but most importantly it has sandy soil, so riding after the rain is no problem. Map and Directions

Dufferin County Forest

Big, Fun, Twisty, Long Climbs.  I don’t know what else to say, probably my preferred southern Ontario mountain biking trails simply because it is so big and confusing that I always feel like I am riding a different set of trails.  Please note it is not very well signed so, be careful.  Also check out the Mansfield trials next door, they are better marked… Directions


Not So Local…

Here are a collection of Ontario’s best Mountain Biking, always worth the drive to check them out.


A fantastic mix of technical single track and family friendly double track guaranteed to make you smile.  All trails are immaculately maintained and feature excellent signage to let you know what you are about to discover on each piece of single track.  Your Ontario Mountain Biking passport is not complete until you ride these trails!   Directions and Trail Map

Porcupine Ridge

Once described as “Work’n Mans Trails”, these gems of single track will put your skills and fitness to the test.  The trails climb a series of Granite Ridges that reward riders with amazing views of Lake Muskoka, and gnarly descents.  Maintained by a group of dedicated locals organized by Ecclestone Cycle these trails are 100% volunteer run and maintained, so please pay your respect if you see a volunteer on the trails.  Directions and Trail Map

Waterloo Hydro Cut

Fantastic mountain bike trails that have been designed by a crew who clearly knows how to design great ride.  Everything is well marked and simply follow the natural flow of the trails for a ride you will enjoy.  A little bit of everything, including some great smells form the nearby waste transfer station… Map and Directions

Guelph Lake

If you are tired of the hills around Orangeville and want a change of scenery, definitely try these trails.  A rather flat piece of property on the north end of Guelph, with marked trails twisting around the reservoir.  I would easily recommend this for beginners and seasoned riders alike.     Map and Directions

3 Stage

Another must-ride area for any serious Ontario mountain biker; these trails will test your lungs and technical skills while rewarding you with some amazing riding.  The technical rocky lines in this network are second to only Porcupine Ridge, and will give you a welcome change from the super fast and fairly smooth trails typical of southern Ontario. Directions