Cycling is one of the truly great sports that really only requires a bicycle and the willingness to ride, but there are some pieces of gear that make the journey a little more comfortable.  We can honestly recommend that you include some of these items into your overall bike budget, and in the end, the whole cycling experience will be enhanced.

Here is a rough guide listing the gear you acquire as you develop further into the sport.  It’s broken down into different levels: Level 1 – all the essential items, Level 2 – smart items that will make your ride more comfortable, Level 3 – some great extras as you start to train harder, ride longer and push deeper into the forest.

Level 1-the Essentials

Bike – to be a cyclist a bike helps

Helmet – you have to wear a helmet to protect your head, your head is very important to you

Water Bottle and Cage – you need water to keep alive, especially when exercising

Floor Pump with Gauge – #1 reason for getting a flat on the trail, #1 way to go faster, #1 way to keep your bike riding its best.  put the correct amount of air in the tires.

Level 2-Smart Additions for Safety and Comfort

Light – be seen at all times with a red flashing light

Bell – if you ride on multiuse trails you need one

Lock – a must to keep you new bike safe while you are at school or in a store

Gloves – for comfort on the bike and protection in case you fall off

Shorts – yes we wear tight padded shorts, and they are awesome

Jersey – keeps you cool, has pockets in the right places, and helps you go fast

Glasses – keep the bugs and dirt out of your eyes

Oil – a clean and oiled bike is quiet and smooth

Level 3-the Extras to help you go further, faster, and prepared

Shoes / Pedals / Sox – the best way to improve your speed on the bike

Repair Kit – if you ride enough you will need this, walking your bike home sucks

Pump, Tube, Tire Lever, Tool, Master link, Patch Kit

Snacks / Snack bag – humans need food to go with the water

Computer / Heart Rate Monitor – for fun, for curiosity, for performance

Bike Rack for your car – it’s faster and way easier on your bike to keep the bike out of the car and your friends in the car