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The Beginnings

To see where Cycling Elements began, it’s best to investigate the original logo and the name itself.  Cycling Elements is a play on the periodic table, at school Jeff studied engineering and often referenced the periodic table.  After much thought, he ended his engineering schooling and went in a new direction.  Taking the 4 key elements he deemed necessary to start a successful bike shop: Passion, Bikes, Gear, and Service.  Then adding a splash of purple to honor his years at Ecclestone Cycle in Bracebridge, the original concept for the Cycling Elements Brand was born.   Since opening in 2012, the original logo might have been replaced but the core elements are still there: Passion, Bikes, Gear, and most importantly Exceptional Customer Service.

Why Cycling Elements:

  • Authentic Experience
  • Passionate Staff
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Committed to Developing Cycling in the Community
  • An Unconditional Guarantee your bike will be Perfect for You:
    • Lifetime Service Policy
    • Comfort Guarantee including Saddle upgrade program
    • Basic Fitting Services with all bikes, and touch point purchases
    • Kids Trade Back Program












Our Building

Armstrong Foundry c.1897
Looking East from parking lot






1832 Griggs Mill stood on the edge of Mill Creek before Orange Lawerance moved to the area

1896 The main structure erected as Armstrong Foundry producing and repairing local machinery.  They developed a reputation for being able to solve any problem

1940’s Fire gutted the building and destroyed the original peaked roof, simultaneously the local bank was robbed.  It is assumed the burning of the Armstrong foundry was a distraction for the thieves to complete their job

1973 Renewed life housing local printing business, Bailey’s Printing

2013 Home to Cycling Elements, building restoration begins anew

2020 Put the peak back on the roof and restore the building back to its former beauty